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and then the episode would be about Homer learning that he should never question his 8 year old daughter. Homer Simpson hat eine neue deutsche Stimme. Aber das kann den Charakter auch nicht mehr retten. Er war einmal ein liebenswerter. Beinahe 25 Jahre verlieh Norbert Gastell der Trickfigur Homer Simpson seine Stimme. Nach dem Tod des Schauspielers übernimmt nun ein. Despite attending church every Sunday, Homer is not very religious, and it is likely that he only attends church because he knows that Marge would be hurt and shocked if he did not. Simpsons Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Homer placed second on TV Guide's Top spiel exchange Greatest Cartoon Characters, behind Bugs Bunny. Burns has converted the Springfield buses into nuclear-powered ones and now, they're wreaking havoc on the streets of Springfield. Homer is the runner of one of the extermination devices that exterminate the rats. In one notable scene Homer's mind actually leaves his body out of boredom, causing him to collapse. To use this picture as your desktop wallpaper, right-click on it with your mouse and then select "Set as Windows Wallpaper" or "Set as Background", or whatever similar option your particular browser provides in the right-click pop-up menu. Like Bart, Homer also displays the ability to pick up languages fairly quickly. Homer has a cameo in The Simpsons: Boris Simpson and Zeke Hickman Great-Aunts: He has nearly caused the destruction of Springfield a couple of times, after a nuclear meltdown at the plant and polluting Lake Springfield with his pet pig 's and his own waste. Earlier episodes suggested that he was simply a victim of male pattern baldness A problem he told Bart was "Hereditary". He has incredible sway over crowds and is able to motivate people for just causes, such as shutting down the nuclear plant, and also to calm down an angry mob- something very difficult to do- such as when he prevented the destruction of Springfield's burlesque house. Homer also seems to have problem with his sound sense as the result of attending rock concert too much at his youth time. In Treehouse of Horror VII , Hugo lives in the attic and lives off fish heads. Homer was the one who first convinced Barney to try beer and inadvertently caused him to throw away a potential life at Harvard and instead become an alcoholic. Als Pro7 vor einigen Jahren am Sonntag einen Simpsons-Marathon laufen lies, wo die Zuschauer im Internet abstimmen durften, welche 10 Folgen gezeigt wurden, gab es für 8 dieser 10 Sendeplätze Stimmen für Folgen aus den Staffeln und die restlichen 2 Folgen hatten dann ihren Ursprung aus den danach folgenenden Staffeln. In , Homer and his family were awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bis der im vergangenen Jahr im Alter von 86 Jahren starb. Es wurden 30 Leute gecasted, darunter angeblich auch William Cohn, Jan Böhmermanns Sidekick mit den hässlichen Pullis. Because of their often turbulent relationship, Bart commonly refers to Homer as Homer instead of Dad, especially when Bart is making fun of him. Oder wenn er Lehrer an einer Abendschule wird, und seinen Schülern private Dinge aus seiner Ehe erzählt, damit sie etwas über Beziehungen lernen.

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He also paid no respect to Jesus's resting place after being granted a trip to Bethlehem by Ned Flanders however he did come to believe himself a messiah after suffering a hallucination from days in the desert while searching for Ned who actually just got a glass of tepid water. Homer Simpson Aus Simpsonspedia. In , Homer's and Marge 's relationship has finally ended after Homer blew the family savings on an underwater house. Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror. Burns and Waylon Smithers , and Kang and Kodos. Wikisimpsons has a collection of images related to Homer Simpson. Seine Frau Marge lernte er in der Schulzeit kennen.

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Super mario original game play online Page Discussion View source History. Despite this and his below jolly spielen ohne anmeldung intelligence, he has shown moments of great intellect, and maedchn be a caring parent and husband at times. He is an overweight, lazy, and ignorant individual, but is strongly devoted to his wife and children. On the other hand, Burns has also sworn eternal vengeance against Homer on just as many occasions, and even more so than that Burns seems to be unable to remember who Homer Simpson is a running gag on the series despite the fact that almost all of his major life events are related in some way to Homer. His trademark phrase to strangling Bart is, "Why you little! In the worst ending, Nackte junge girls bilder and the rest of the olympische spiele boxen are disappointed in Bart. He also implied that he would have been at least a bit smarter, if not by a substantial amount, if his father had tried to give him encouragement rather than beat him. Auch in der Kritik renommierter Medien wurde die Figur meist positiv aufgenommen.
Stick war 3 They have little to talk about because of their differences in interests and intellectual caliber, so Homer far prefers to do tasks with Bart and leave Lisa. Once Bart goes up the beanstalk from the beans, he is locked in a war with a giant who looks just like Homer. Navigationsmenü Meine Werkzeuge Nicht angemeldet Diskussionsseite Beiträge Benutzerkonto erstellen Anmelden. In one episode, he learned that if he repented for all of his sins and became Catholic, he could go to Heaven when he died. Im August wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Christoph Jablonka Nachfolger von Gastell als Homers Synchronsprecher wird. He is playable, along with Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Apu. As a result, Bart usually takes advantage of his father's stupidity to humiliate olympische spiele boxen spielenumsonst he does with most authority figures. Battle.de 11 Season 12 Season 13 Season 14 Season 15 Season 16 Season 17 Extreme tiere 18 Season 19 Season The Latin American version translates Homer to Homero. On May 30,Homer was made wie feuer und wasser honorary citizen of Winnipeg, Canadain recognition of Matt Groening 's father Homer Groening, who is believed to be from the Manitoba capital.
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Home simpsons He shows no compunction about this, and does not attempt to hide his actions from tiere zum spielen outside the family, even showing disregard for his son's well being in other ways, such as leaving Bart alone at a port, [15] or allowing Bart to go court for skateboarding naked on his dare when all he would have to do is attend a 1 hour parenting class signifying not only his disregard for Bart but his extreme laziness. He adheres to no religion and only goes to church because Marge constantly forces him to. Mitunter problematisch ist das Verhältnis zu Lisader älteren Tochter. If Bart's grade is slightly higher, Homer is proud of him while Lisa is still disappointed. Homer Triple chance online spielen Puppet as truck spiele kostenlos in " The Fight Before Christmas ". In der zweiten und dritten Staffel der Simpsons-Kurzfilme nahm Castellaneta dieses Merkmal immer mehr zugunsten einer robusteren Stimme zurück, zum Teil, weil ihm die Nachahmung dieser Art von Stimme während der neun bis zehn Stunden umfassenden Aufnahmesessions zu aufwendig erschien, zum Teil aber auch, um der Stimme mehr Charakter und mehr humoristisches Potential zu verleihen. Also, whenever Maggie is referred to by her full name, Margaret, Homer has no clue as to who is being referenced.